Department of Psychology

Dr Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas

A research associate in the school of psychology working on the interdisciplinary ESPRC funded project, ENLITEN

Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas

Research AssociateBSc, MSc, PhD

East building, 3.1


Elizabeth joined the University of Bath in October 2012 as a research officer. Her current work focuses on the psychology of domestic energy consumption. She explores how people perceive and understand energy use, as well as how the interplay between personal factors (such as values, norms and habits) and household dynamics influences energy consumption.

Elizabeth was awarded her PhD in psychology from Plymouth University in 2012 after working as a research assistant in the department and has previously worked at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (PCMD) as a research assistant then a research fellow.

Research interests

  • Behaviour Change
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Cognitive & Social Psychology
  • Risk & Decision Making
  • Risk Communication

Current projects

  • ENLITEN (Energy Literacy through an Intelligent Home Energy Advisor)