Department of Psychology

Professor Julie Barnett

Policy relevant research on allergy, risk, new forms of data and health technology.

Julie Barnett

Professor of Health Psychology BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD
Deputy Head of Department

10West 3.21
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 3167

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Social tools

Co-founder of VizzataTM – a tool for online dialogue and deliberation.

Co-founder of myPace - an online platform for linking health professionals and their clients to enable behaviour change.

PhD supervision

I am interested in supervising new PhD students researching topics as detailed by my:

  • research interests
  • projects 
  • publications


I am a social and health psychologist with particular interest and expertise in risk appreciation, the development of health technologies, the maintenance and change of behaviour, new forms of data, public engagement processes and policy development.

My current work explores the challenges for people with food allergy and intolerance of eating out, public understandings of tree and plant pests and diseases, loneliness, fostering trust and empathy online, policy engagement with new forms of data, and developing digital methods for health self-management that embeds relationship with health professionals.

Over the last ten years I have been part of a range of largely interdisciplinary projects funded by EPSRC, ESRC, the European Union, the Department of Health, the Health and Safety Executive, the Ministry of Defence, the Environment Agency, the Food Standards Agency and the Wellcome Trust.

I am also Director of Studies for the Masters in Health Psychology and part of the Leadership team in the Institute of Policy Research at the University.

Research interests

  • Using new forms of data in research
  • Risk communication
  • Food allergy and intolerance
  • Social media
  • Policy engagement with new forms of data
  • Health technology

Current projects



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