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I am a Lecturer in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology at the University of Bath and an Honorary Senior Researcher at University College London. My main interest is in understanding how we combine multisensory cues (e.g., vision, audition and touch) throughout the lifespan (e.g., during infancy and childhood) and how this process is affected by experience, expertise, sensory deprivation, and developmental disorders. My interest in multisensory research expands to social cognition and emotion, and I use a combination of methods and techniques (e.g., psychophysics, neuroimaging, neurophysiology, virtual reality) to study the underlying brain mechanisms. 

Research interests

  • Multisensory integration 
  • Expertise and long-term practice effects 
  • Cognitive and perceptual development 
  • Emotion and social cognition/perception
  • Auditory perception 
  • Visual perception and cognition
  • Spatial cognition
  • Developmental disorders and sensory restoration
  • Biological motion


Book Sections

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Conference or Workshop Items

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