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Dr Katherine Button


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My research focuses on the cognitive mechanisms that contribute to common mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, and translating this to improve cognitive-based intervention for patients in primary care. I use experimental techniques from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to explore these mechanisms to inform how they may be modified to reduce anxiety and improve mood. I use epidemiological investigations to understand how dysfunctional cognitions arise. I also work with clinical data from randomised controlled trials to investigate factors associated with response to cognitive behavioural therapy.

In addition to my primary research, I am an advocate for improving the transparency and rigor of psychological research. I use meta-analytic techniques to explore systematic weakness in the evidence-base, and draw on best-practice across disciplines for solutions.

Research interests

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Cognitive mechanisms
  • Social evaluative learning
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Scientific rigor and meta-science


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