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Dr Leda Blackwood

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Dr Blackwood is a social psychologist in the Department of Psychology. She has conducted research across a range of social phenomenon, including collective action and processes of alienation and radicalisation; social influence, leadership and group advocacy; and the experience and consequences of misrecognition and humiliation. This research has been conducted with various groups including union members, political activists, Muslims, young people and police. 

She is currently pursuing two related lines of research.

The first examines the processes through which societal institutions and practices contribute to (or undermine) social cohesion and community well-being. So, for instance, one area of interest is the relationships between societal authorities (e.g., within health, education, policing, employment, and welfare) and stigmatised or disadvantaged communities, and both the intended and unintended consequences of their interventions for identity, participation and voice. 
The second reflects interest in the diverse forms of organization (e.g., government, social movements, community advocacy) through which people pursue social change and how these are shaped by inter- and intra-group struggles over identity and strategy. Broadly speaking, this research seeks to contribute to a more dynamic and non-linear understanding of social change and social stasis. In this research she is interested in the perspectives of both those who seek to effect change and those who are the subject of social change interventions. .

Research interests 

  • Social movements and community advocacy
  • Community organization and social change strategies
  • Social influence and leadership
  • Social participation, citizenship and voice
  • Class, gender, and ethnicity


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