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Dr Lia Emanuel

Lia Emanuel

Research Associate

Wessex House 6.16

The SuperIdentity project

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Dr Lia Emanuel is a Research Associate in the Department of Psychology.

She is currently working on the Super Identity project which aims to develop an identification model that combines a wide range of both real-world and cyber identity measures.

She is particularly interested in the self-disclosure of identity information within different domains (face-to-face, social network sites, blogs, etc.) as well as individuals’ attitudes and perceived acceptability of identification tools, and the acceptance of new technology more broadly.

Lia is also a member of the CREATE Lab.

Research interests

  • Self-concept and identity in physical and online environments
  • trust and acceptance in technology
  • automaticity and prime-to-behaviour effects
  • social Cognition.


Book Sections

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Conference or Workshop Items

Gopsill, J., Hicks, B., Snider, C., Joel-Edgar, S. and Emanuel, L., 2017. Automatic Design Structure Matrices:A Comparison of Two Formula Student Projects. In: 21st International Conference on Engineering Design, 2017-08-21 - 2017-08-25, University of British Columbia.

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Emanuel, L., 2012. Nonconscious behavioural mimicry: Examining the methods used to produce mimicry and the automatic nature of the effect. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). University of Reading, Whiteknights.

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