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Dr Omar Yousaf

Omar Yousaf


Tel + 44 (0) 1225 38 3114


I am a Lecturer in Psychology specialising in health and social psychology. I teach on the undergraduate health psychology option and the MSc in health Psychology.

Research interests

Social and Personality Psychology

  • Cognitive dissonance (induced compliance, hypocrisy paradigm, trivialisation, misattribution of arousal)
  • Cognitive biases (selective information processing, reasoning, post-hoc rationalisations)
  • Self and motivation (impression management, self-affirmation, self-esteem)
  • Attitudes, behaviour, and attribution (attitude-behaviour models, dual-process theories of behaviour, automaticity, priming, causal attribution, pro-social behaviour)
  • Cognition and emotion (self-concept representation, self-complexity, emotional regulation, multiple intelligences, social perception, ego depletion, moral judgment)
  • Emotional intelligence (training of EI, individual differences in EI, EI and mental health)
  • Creativity (flow, emotionality and performance, training and expertise)
  • Dispositional mindfulness (relationship to mental health, relationships, job/task performance)
  • Gender (social norms, stigma, stereotype threat)
  • Influence and persuasion (priming, compliance, body language, attraction, ELM, motivational leadership)

Health Psychology

  • Help-seeking behaviour (barriers to help-seeking, patient-doctor communication, perceptions of the health-care system)
  • Masculinity and health (stigma, gender identity, expression of masculinity)
  • Positive psychology and well-being (dispositional authenticity, optimism, mindfulness, post-traumatic growth, spirituality)
  • Psycho-social interventions (behaviour change, psycho-oncology, stress reduction, holistic pain interventions)
  • Nutrition and diet (self-efficacy in food consumption, diet identity, motivation, interventions to reduce unhealthy food consumption, consumer attitudes, lifestyle and nutrition, food education)

Psychology of Music

  • Music practice (skill acquisition, individual differences, learning strategies, motivation)
  • Performance (musical and non-musical expression, body language, audience’s perception)
  • Music and culture (variability in emotional reactions to note and chord perception, ethnomusicology, religious and ceremonial uses of music, emotional expression in Indian raagas)
  • Social psychology of music (interventional use of music, mood induction, music and behaviour change, personality and music preferences, music identity)

Psychology of Religion 

  • Religious cognitive dissonance (religious hypocrisy, attitudinal and behavioural effects of dissonance, guilt and shame)
  • Individual differences (religious orientations, intrinsic/extrinsic, Quest, relationship between religiosity and personality traits: conscientiousness, neuroticism, autism)
  • Religious cognition (religious priming, representation of God, implicit/explicit beliefs)
  • Religion and behaviour (pro-social behaviour, religious identity and inter-group behaviour, sectarianism, self-regulation, self-control, religion and health)


Book Sections

Yousaf, O. and Gobet, F., 2017. The hypocrisy paradigm. In: Moghaddam, F. M., ed. The Sage Encyclopedia of Political Behavior. SAGE Publications Inc..


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