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Professor Paul Salkovskis

Professor of Clinical Psychology & Applied Science
Director of Studies Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
10 West 3.38
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 4350

Professor Salkovskis is editor of the journal:

  • Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy

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Professor Paul Salkovskis is Professor of Clinical Psychology and Applied Science. In 2010 he was appointed Programme Director for the Clinical Psychology Doctorate Programme at Bath. Previously he was Professor of Clinical Psychology and Applied Science and Clinical Director in the Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma at the Institute of Psychiatry (2000-2010) 

At the University of Oxford (1985-2000) he worked on Medical Research Council funded research on panic. During this period he worked on theoretical, experimental and clinical applications of cognitive theory, particularly in the area of anxiety disorders and hypochondriasis (health anxiety). He was appointed to a Wellcome Trust Senior Fellowship, focusing on the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder and health anxiety. His final title at the University of Oxford was Professor of Cognitive Psychology. During his period in Oxford he developed a strong interest in health psychology, particularly aspects of health screening and health decision making.

Professor Salkovskis graduated in clinical psychology from the Institute of Psychiatry in 1979. He then worked as a clinical psychologist based in general adult psychiatry and in liaison psychiatry until 1985. 

Professor Salkovskis has extensive links with other researchers and resources locally and nationally which allow access to participants for the research, most of which is focused on the application of cognitive theories. He also has international collaborations with a range of other research centres, including Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Morocco and the United States.

Research interests

  • Cognitive behavioural factors in obsessive-compulsive disorder and its treatment
  • Health psychology
  • Health anxiety (hypochondriasis)
  • Specific phobia
  • Panic disorder and Agoraphobia


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