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Dr Tim Kurz

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Director of Impact
Senior Lecturer
Director of Studies for MRes Sustainable Futures
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Dr Tim Kurz is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology. His
research interests lie at the intersections of social, environmental and discursive psychology.

A primary theoretical focus of Tim’s research has been developing an understanding of morality as a central process for bringing about the fundamental societal and institutional changes necessary to avert the potentially disastrous consequences of anthropogenic climate change.  Tim’s research targets this agenda across three levels of analysis.  Firstly, he explores moral processes at the institutional level by examining the psychological and behavioural implications of authorities implementing different forms of policies designed to change behavior. He has shown that different types of policies, and their framing, invoke different models of moral understanding and behavioural responses. Secondly, he investigates processes of morality at the societal level by analysing circulating (new) media and political discourses and the social network structures through which they diffuse. Finally, at the interpersonal level, he explores how the morally normative status (or lack thereof) of environmental issues manifests in people’s reactions to interpersonal confrontations of environmental disregard and also the potential of such confrontation for bringing about social change.

Tim also has an ongoing program of research investigating the social construction of gender. His work in this area focusses on the complexities of theorizing concepts such as ‘choice’, ‘agency’ and ‘empowerment’ in the context of a range of post-feminist public health dilemmas (e.g., infant-feeding, body image/cosmetic surgery and recreational activities associated with what has been termed ‘raunch culture’, such as recreational pole dancing). He is also currently involved in research exploring the metaphors that people use in organizational contexts to account for the underrepresentation of women in senior management roles in the workplace.

Research interests 

  • Environmentally sustainable behaviours
  • Construction of morality through public policy
  • Interpersonal confrontation
  • Climate change discourse
  • Social construction of gender


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