Robotics and Autonomous Systems


Various academics and PhD students contribute to the area of robotics and autonomous systems, mainly within the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Academic Staff

Dr. Pejman Iravani is a Lecturer in Robotics and runs the robotics research lab. His research interests include: Robotics Engineering, Robotic Vision and Machine Learning.

Prof. Andrew Plummer is the director of the Centre for Power Transmission and Motion Control. Hi research interest include, inverse-model based control of electro-hydraulic servo-systems, parallel kinematic mechanisms and hybrid hydraulic/piezoelectric actuation.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Pedro Estrela is a Lecturer in Advanced Sensor Technologies. His research interests include Biosensors and Chemical Sensors, Solid State Devices. Electrochemical Techniques and sensors.

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Dr. Joanna Bryson is a Reader in Computer Science at the University of Bath and specialist in systems AI, real-time action selection and cognitive systems. She also works on the ethics of AI and the role of robots in society.

Dr. Peter Hall is a Reader and Director of the Media Technology Research Centre. He is specially interested in automatically processing real photographs into art. Recently he has also been involved in object recognition for robotic systems.

Prof. Peter Johnson is interested in HCI and how system design and evaluation can proceed from a sound understanding of interaction.

Department of Computer Science

Dr. Tim Adlam is the Head of Mechanical Engineering. He is interested in assistive technologies and specially on medical robotics.

Designability - Bath Institute of Medical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Duncan Allsopp is a Reader in Sensor Technologies. His research  interests include, GaN Light Emitting Diodes, Novel nanofabrication techniques, Advances optical modulators and sensors for harsh environments.

Dr. Manucher Soleimani works on developing new tomographic imaging systems. In particular he is interested in electrical and electromagnetic imaging. Recently he has been developing skin sensors for robots.

Prof. James Davenport did much of the programming, made possible by new Computer Algebra software he hand been working on, which broke the US Federal Reserve Bank encryption method for bank-bank communication in the USA. He is currently the Hebron & Medlock Professor of Information Technology.

Dr. Jon Du Bois a is a Lecturer in Robotics and Helicopter Dynamics. His research interests are in dynamics, control and Hardware-in-the-Loop.

Dr. Alan Hunter a is Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering with expertise in the areas of signal processing, imaging and wave physics. His research interests are in underwater robotics.

Dr. David Clever is Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering with expertise in the area unsteady aerodynamics. He has interests on UAV systems.