Purchasing Training for University Requisitioners

This page provides the information about the training University requisitioners need to undertake to purchase on behalf of the University.

If you have been given access to the University Purchasing and Finance system Agresso both courses are mandatory  to maintain your access.

Both courses can be used for continuing professional development (CPD). Places for the classroom course will be prioritised for those who require it for their roles.

1. Procurement Requisitioner Training

The Procurement requisitioner training provides the context of how a member of staff should buy goods and services for the University.

The course is online and It covers everything from how to get quotes, specify your needs and how to raise an order in a comprehensive short course.

The URL for the online course is https://moodle.bath.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=56255

You will need to login with your Computing Services username and password. It will self enrol you on the course.

This online course is a pre-requisite to attending the Agresso: Purchase to Pay  system training that takes place with the IT Training team in Computing Services.

The course can be taken by  any  member of staff who wishes to learn about Purchasing for the University.

Please be aware:

We have had some feedback from a small number of people having trouble entering Moodle as well as some issues with some of the interactive exercises when undertaking the course.

Access to Moodle – Staff should have an active profile on Moodle but it has been identified this is not always the case.  If you attempt to login to Moodle and you are denied you need to contact the eLearning team.  This can be done by emailing e-learning@bath.ac.uk and they will reactivate your account.

Internet Browser issues – Different internet browsers seem to interfere with how the interactive slides perform causing some aspects not to work.  If you are using one particular browser and it is preventing the slides from working please move to another browser and this will allow you to move on.  We cannot recommended a browser as it is specific to that user.

2. Agresso; Purchase to Pay (P2P) Course

This course is classroom based and it held in the IT Training facilities within Computing Services.

The course is designed to give you the knowledge and skill set to use the Purchasing and Finance system to buy  goods and services for the University.

This course takes place in a two part format;

  1. Agresso Purchase to Pay  Part 1 - Requisitioning 
  2. Agresso Purchase to Pay  Part 2 - Marketplace

The first course is mandatory and the second course is optional but strongly advised you attend to allow you to perform the purchases you need via the different methods. If you know you will not buy from a supplier from the marketplace then there is no need to attend for example.

To book a place on the courses; read more

Please note

If you have been given access to the University Purchasing and Finance system Agresso both courses are mandatory  to maintain your access.

If you require access to Agresso please follow the link at the end which explains how you can do so. Read more


If you have any concerns or questions about the training we welcome any feedback. Please can you email purchasing-services@bath.ac.uk and we will come back to you.