Quality management

Institutional Review

Management of academic standards and quality is monitored and reviewed by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)  under the Revised Operating Model for Quality Assessment (ROMQA).

The last review conducted under the Institutional Review (IR) method by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in 2013 confirmed that the University meets all its expectations for quality and standards. The University was also commended for the information it provides on learning opportunities.

Good Practice

The review team highlighted a number of features of good practice at the University:

  • The promotion of student engagement and the University's willingness to listen and respond to student views.
  • The institution-wide commitment to placement provision and support.
  • The systematic provision of accessible, reliable and up to date information for students, staff and the public. 
  • The University's Quality Assurance Code of Practice as a living document which is well established, maintained under active review and widely used across the institution.

You can find the full report, and reports from previous audits, on the QAA's website

Action Plan

In consultation with the Students' Union, we developed an action plan to address recommendations and affirmations in our IR report and also to demonstrate how we plan to capitalise on good practice identified by the review team.  This action plan is monitored and progress reported annually.  The latest progress report was published in September 2014.