Quality management

Student support

Our quality management processes do not focus solely on the delivery of the programme.   We are also committed to supporting and encouraging the overall development of our students in order to help them succeed now and in their future careers.  Our student body is diverse with a range of different needs and this is reflected in our provision.


Induction is a key period in the student experience where many students make the transition to university life or in the case of postgraduate students return to studying. We expect all departments in conjunction with central services to provide their students with an induction to the University.  You will find our processes for the general induction of students in QA38 and for academic induction in QA33.

Personal tutoring

All students are assigned a personal tutor who is a member of academic staff (in the case of distance learning programmes other means of support might be provided).  Personal tutors are expected to provide their students with a personalised point of contact with the University throughout their studies.   You will find full details of our expectations of personal tutors in QA33.  We also provide support and guidance on the role of the personal tutor.

All departments have a Senior Tutor who is responsible for co-ordinating the personal tutorial system and for liaising with Student Services.  Senior Tutors are members of the Senior Tutors Forum which provides support and advice to Senior Tutors and facilitates communication between Senior Tutors and central services.  The Forum also provides an opportunity to share good practice and is responsible for the ongoing development of the personal tutorial system.

International students

30% of our students come from outside the United Kingdom. We are committed to supporting and encouraging the integration of our international students. Specialist support is provided by the Student Immigration Service. For our processes for the recruitment and support of international students see QA31.

Disabled students

We support students with a range of disabilities to enable them to partipate fully in university life and achieve their educational potential. The Disability Service provides specialist advice and guidance in this area, for staff and students.


We have an excellent record for the employability of our students.  We are committed to developing the employability skills of our students and providing them with careers advice and guidance throughout their studies.  All staff involved in this area of provision are expected to follow principles of confidentiality and impartiality, as set out in QA55 Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance.  The Careers Advisory Service is responsible for providing specialist careers advice.