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This is the entry point for Registration with the University

New student starting at the end of September?: You should only try to register once you have been asked to do so by either the Admissions Office or the Student Records & Examinations Office (SREO). We anticipate emailing you in early September. If, when you try to log in to the Registration website you get an "Internal Database Error" (link opens in new window), this is because you have not been asked to register yet. Please be patient. You will receive an email prior to your arrival asking you to register. International students requiring a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK will only be asked to register in September once they have uploaded a scan of their travel vignette or Tier 4 visa as appropriate.

New student starting at the beginning of September?: You will be emailed just prior to the start of your programme.

New student starting in October or later?:You will be emailed just prior to the start of your programme.

Continuing your studies?: Continuing students will be asked to register for the 2016/17 academic year from the beginning of September 2016.

This is the page which leads you to register with the University of Bath. You will need your Username and Password to start this process. If you have been asked to register and are ready to do so, you can proceed by pressing the button below.

After your initial registration with the University, you can use this facility at any time to check your own current details, to keep your address details up to date, and to pay any further invoices.

If in doubt, please consult the links on the left.