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Dates agreed for upcoming academic years

The academic year dates for 2016-17 and 2017-18 have now been approved by Senate. Full calendars with notes on detail are available to view at

While the dates within both academic years follow the current pattern, for 2017-18, Senate has agreed that we should consult further on how best to arrange revision and assessment days within formal assessment periods. As well, the dates for the supplementary assessment period in 2018 have not yet been set in order to explore potential improvements. Further information about these considerations will be made available for consultation in the near future; meanwhile, you can contact with any comment or queries.

Academic Year Shape Advisory Group

Following last year’s consultation on the shape of the academic year, Professor Bernie Morley (Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Provost) convened an Academic Year Shape Advisory Group to consider the feedback and issues raised.

The members of this advisory group include eight academic staff, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching), two directors of professional services, and two Students’ Union Officers, with a broad range of knowledge and experience. They are advising Professor Morley on the broader strategic context of our academic year patterns. The Advisory Group is not a formal committee or working group, and members’ contributions represent individual insights rather than being representative of Faculty/School or department views. Members are:

    Professor Alistair Brandon-Jones, Management

    Dr Marianne Ellis, Chemical Engineering, Engineering & Design

    Dr John Harris, Director of Academic Registry

    Professor Andrew Heath, Associate Dean L&T, Engineering & Design

    Jordan Kenny, SU President

    Professor Peter Lambert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Learning & Teaching

    Professor Bernie Morley, Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Provost

    Professor Rajani Naidoo, Management

    Dr Nina Parish, PoLIS, Humanities & Social Sciences

    Dr Peter Postl, Economics, Humanities & Social Sciences

    Professor Gareth Price, Chemistry, Science

    Gwen van der Velden, Director of Learning & Teaching Enhancement

    Dr Jane White, Mathematical Sciences, Science

    Lucy Woodcock, SU Education

The Advisory Group held five formal meetings between July and November 2015. Members approached discussions with notable positivity and creativity, and their input has helped to raise questions about how to improve our Academic Framework, recently discussed at ULTQC.

Consideration will be given to the future of the group, and to whether it would be appropriate to ask members to take on more formal Faculty/School representation roles in the next phase of such discussions.

7 March 2016