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Preparing to take part in an examination board

If you are a member of staff taking on a Board of Examiners for Units (BEU) or Board of Examiners for Programmes (BEP), the following resources and guidance will be helpful to your preparation.

Key resources | Related information | Guidance sessions | Induction | Key contacts

Key resources

It is important that you should be familiar with:

Additional guidance:


Related information


Guidance sessions

Guidance and best practice sessions are organised centrally and are offered at key times in the year in addition to exam board support coordinated by Assistant Registrars (Faculties/School) and the Head of Learning Partnerships. This page will be updated as new sessions are arranged.
Principles & context of assessment decision-making

Dr John Harris, Director of Academic Registry, gives an overview of assessment decision-making within the University. Discussion covers the wider regulatory and quality assurance contexts in which we operate, to the principles underlying the assessment regulations and our institutional examination board processes. This session is strongly advised for staff acting for the first time in the role of Chair, Secretary or Independent Observer at a Board of Examiners for Units or for Programmes. It is also appropriate as part of a general induction for academic and administrative staff.

To book a place at the following session, contact Rachel Sheer, copying in James Olver:

SAMIS & Business Objects training

Regular training sessions are held on how to use SAMIS and Business Objects.

Meetings: Effective committee servicing

Angela Pater, Head of Secretariat, offers a general guidance session for staff servicing committees (note: not examination board-specific).



The following induction is strongly advised if you are acting in one of the following roles for the first time, or need a refresher:
Chairs and Directors of Studies:
Independent Observers:


Key contacts

First point of contact for examination board queries
Assistant Registrar (Faculties/School) or the Head of Learning Partnerships

Additional expertise is available regarding:

Application of QA35, and conduct of examination boards
Kate Norris, Head of Student Learning Experience & Quality, LTEO

Assessment regulations and complex student matters
James Arthur, Head of Student Records & Examinations
Amy Cavanagh, Assistant Registrar (Student Records)

Application of QA12, and external examiners
Wendy Hopkins, Learning & Teaching Enhancement Officer, LTEO

Queries about this webpage may be directed to:
Rachel Sheer, Executive Assistant, Academic Registry