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Our research focuses on real-world impact, with a true spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Business category


Globalisation, technological advances and the increasing importance of sustainability and corporate social responsibility have had profound effects on businesses around the world. Researchers at University of Bath comment and critique government and industry, providing best practice ideas that inform policy and practice.



Researchers at University of Bath are examining the effect of globalisation, an ageing workforce, and public sector restructuring on unemployment, poverty, quality of life and policy. The perspectives and methodologies they develop improve relevant evidence bases and enable them to speak on these important policy areas.



Dwindling fossil fuel reserves and the consequences of climate change have promoted major changes to the development of energy production and consumption technologies. Bath researchers are developing sustainable energy technologies including hydrogen generation, solar harvesting, wind energy and fusion technology.



Environmental change is forcing urgent global reassessment of the way we live and how we best respond to the threats posed by global warming. From sustainable energy sources to the political dimensions of environmental concerns, University of Bath researchers are exploring numerous ways to address these challenges.



Cutting-edge research is vital in improving the health and well-being of whole populations. Researchers across many disciplines are working towards a healthier population - developing innovative healthcare technologies for tissue regeneration, drug development, and imaging and diagnostics.



The materials we use and their application have a major impact on everything from construction to healthcare and transport. Researchers at University of Bath are exploring how the use of smarter and more sustainable materials can make a major contribution to our manufacturing processes and energy usage.



Characterised by rapid change, modern history has challenged long-held assumptions on the economy, environment and security. How we approach these challenges shapes the society we live in. Researchers at University of Bath are looking to address some of today's major social and polical challenges.



Technology has revolutionised the fields of manufacturing, healthcare and consumer electronics. Researchers at University of Bath are at the cutting edge of advances in these areas, along with imaging, energy generation and distribution, and exploring the role technology plays in shaping behaviour and interactions.



Modelling and statistical analysis underpin much of our understanding of complex systems,  from finance to global warming. Researchers at University of Bath are using techniques such as adaptive meshes and smooth regression to further this understanding, and tackle problems like solar storms affecting GPS.



As fuel prices more expensive and carbon reduction targets more elusive, how we fuel our transport has never been more critical. Bath researchers are working on sourcing new renewable biofuels and designing more efficient engine technology to meet the challenges of 21st century transport.