Centre for networks and collective behaviour


Core Members


Name Email
Alastair Spence
Jonathan Dawes j.h.p.dawes@bath.ac.uk
Dick James r.james@bath.ac.uk
Tim Rogers t.c.rogers@bath.ac.uk
Tiago Peixoto t.peixoto@bath.ac.uk
Kit Yates C.Yates@bath.ac.uk


Name Email Department Research interests
Edward Feil e.fei@bath.ac.uk Biology & Biochemistry Evolutionary microbiology, bacterial pathogens
Robert Kelsh r.n.kelsh@bath.ac.uk Biology & Biochemistry Developmental genetics, gene regulatory networks
Nicholas Priest n.priest@bath.ac.uk Biology & Biochemistry Genetic and social networks
Araxi Urrutia a.urrutia@bath.ac.uk Biology & Biochemistry Functional genomics, gene expression networks
Joanna Bryson j.j.bryson@bath.ac.uk Computer Science Cultural evolution, intelligent systems
Rachid Hourizi r.hourizi@bath.ac.uk Computer Science Collaborative human-computer systems
Eamonn O'Neill e.o.neill@bath.ac.uk Computer Science Human-computer interaction, social and computational networks
Ben Adams b.adams@bath.ac.uk Mathematical Sciences Mathematical biology, epidemiology, structured populations
Jonathan Dawes j.h.p.dawes@bath.ac.uk Mathematical Sciences Dynamical systems, networks
Mathew Penrose m.d.penrose@bath.ac.uk Mathematical Sciences Geometric random graphs, discrete probability
Paul Milewski p.a.milewski@bath.ac.uk Mathematical Sciences Applied Mathematics, nonlinear mechanics
Peter Moerters maspm@bath.ac.uk Mathematical Sciences Random graphs, condensation
Tony Robinson masar@bath.ac.uk Mathematical Sciences Bayesian methods, phylogentic trees
Tim Rogers t.c.rogers@bath.ac.uk Mathematical Sciences Random networks, collective behaviour in complex systems
Alastair Spence a.spence@bath.ac.uk Mathematical Sciences Network applications of linear algebra and dynamical systems
Hartmut Schwetlick h.schwetlick@bath.ac.uk Mathematical Sciences Applied mathematics
Jane White maskajw@bath.ac.uk Mathematical Sciences Social networks and the economic impact of public health interventions
Doug Ashton d.ashton@bath.ac.uk Physics Statistical mechanics of complex networks
Robert Jack r.jack@bath.ac.uk Physics Emergence of order in complex interacting systems
Dick James r.james@bath.ac.uk Physics Network analysis and simulation, animal social networks
Alain Nogaret a.r.nogaret@bath.ac.uk Physics Chaotic neural networks
Phil Salmon p.s.salmon@bath.ac.uk Physics Structural networks and material properties
Raj Aggarwal r.k.aggarwal@bath.ac.uk Engineering and Design Power networks
Antony Darby a.p.darby@bath.ac.uk Engineering and Design Group dynamics and the built environment
Pejman Iravani p.iravani@bath.ac.uk Engineering and Design Multi-agent simulations
Nick McCullen n.j.mccullen@bath.ac.uk Engineering and Design Electrical and social networks
Laura Smith l.g.e.smith@bath.ac.uk Humanities and Social Sciences Psychology of collective behaviour
Graham Room g.j.room@bath.ac.uk Humanities and Social Sciences Social networks, power and advantage
Andreas Krause mnsak@bath.ac.uk Management Systematic risk in banking networks