Centre for War & Technology

Centre for War & Technology

Our Centre for War & Technology (CWT) is dedicated to the research and analysis of the impact of technology on politics, war and society in the 21st Century.

It is located within the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies at the University of Bath.

An eye on the future

The Centre, constituted by a vibrant core community of cross-disciplinary specialists, focuses its research energies at the intersection of war, technology and society.

Centre functions

  • A leading-edge and dynamic aggregator and assessor of data, information and knowledge regarding emergent security conditions.
  • A nodal agency – linked internationally and nationally - with regard to best practices in research-work related to matters of strategic-military and political importance.
  • A reserve pool of specialists who function as on-call specialists in specific domains of knowledge pertaining to the research and analysis of war, technology and society.
  • A developer of a dynamically-maintained set of research-intensive academic course modules on emergent security futures which can be disseminated to the postgraduate instructional programme and, where applicable, to key decision-makers in a structured manner.
  • As a knowledge-service infrastructure that facilitates “information camps” targeted towards the acquisition and/ or dissemination of knowledge/ information.

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Our free online course explores the impact and ethics of drones, special ops and private firms.