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Date Title Speaker
19 April 2018 WIRC Colloquium - Water and Sediment: A Cascade across Scales Professor Alistair Borthwick
26 April 2018 Inaugural Lecture - The invaluable value of water Professor Jan Hofman
17 May 2018 WIRC Colloquium - Green and Blue Cities Mark Fletcher
21 June 2018 WIRC Colloquium To be confirmed
19 July 2018 WIRC Colloquium To be confirmed


Date Title Speaker
13 March 2018 Joint WIRC/Chemical Engineering Seminar - Water purification using membrane technology Dr Antoine Kemperman
15 February 2018 WIRC Colloquium - Water treatment and resource recovery modelling Benedek Plosz
18 January 2018 WIRC Colloquium - CANCELLED WISE CDT Students
14 December 2017 WIRC Colloquium - Water Scarcity and multi-functionality of the water supply chain Professor Louise Bracken
22 November 2017 SWIG Innovation Workshop Various
16 November 2017 WIRC Colloquium - A mixed methods approach to exploring urban ecosystem services Professor Lian Lundy
19 October 2017 WIRC Colloquium - Water and the Circular Economy David Baxter
21 September 2017 WIRC Colloquium - Innovation, Partnership and Environmental Technology Professor Carolyn Roberts
20 July 2017 WIRC Colloquium - Water in South Africa: Devastating droughts, population expansion, climate change, poor governance, energy and food shortages and macro-pollutants Associate Professor Craig Sheridan
18-20 July 2017 The International Water Association (IWA) Efficient Conference Various
18 May 2017 WIRC Colloquium - Linking chemical-soil interaction to pollutant fate and transport from soil to water Dr Brian Reid
4 May 2017 WIRC Colloquium - A medium term 'crisis' in water? Might Brexit be the answer? Dr Martin Hurst
11-12 April 2017 13th UK Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference (YCSEC) Various
10-12 April 2017 18th UK-IWA Young Water Professionals Conference Various
6 April 2017 WIRC Colloquium - Anglian Water's Approach to the Challenges of the UK Water Industry Steve Kaye
30 March-12 April 2017 Wetskills United Kingdom 2017 Various
17 March 2017 Water Informatics: Science & Engineering CDT - Industry Day Various
16 March 2017 The effects of oxygen availability and turbulence on water quality in lakes and reservoirs Dr Lee Bryant
16 February 2017 WIRC Colloquium with PhD students Qiang Chen, Olivia Cooke
25 January 2017 WIRC Open Discussion Day Various
19 January 2017 WIRC Colloquium - Towards an integrated approach to water for cities Martin Shouler, Arup
19 January 2017 Exploring Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) opportunities: water and agricultural management in Sub-Saharan Africa Dr Greenwell Matchaya, IWMI
15 December 2016 Assessing the element of surprise of record-breaking flood events Dr Thomas Kjeldsen
9 December 2016 Water in the UK – Innovation for the 21st Century Dr Dan Green, Wessex Water
23 November 2016 Shale Oil and Gas and its Impact on the Water Industry – The Truths, Myths and Legends Andrew Gunning, RSKW
17 November 2016 Predicting future change in water flows and quality in urbanising catchments Dr Michael Hutchins
8 November 2016 The History and Future of Research into Drinking Water Disinfection By-Products Dr Tom Bond
28 October 2016 GW4 Water Security Alliance workshop Various
13 October 2016 - CANCELLED The effects of oxygen availability and biogeochemical cycling on water quality in lakes, reservoirs and oceans Dr Lee Bryant
15 September 2016 The Value of Global Sensitivity Analysis for Diagnostic Evaluation and Uncertainty Quantification in Environmental Modelling Professor Thorsten Wagener
13/14 July 2016 1st WIRC Water Science and Engineering Conference  
23 June 2016 Bioprocesses, biopolymers and biosensors: delivering new solutions to environmental problems through and understanding of microbial systems Dr Thomas Seviour
26 May 2016 AI-based Detection and Location of Events in Smart Water Networks Professor Zoran Kapelan
10 May 2016 Water Quality Monitoring and Electricity from Wastewaters with Microbial Fuel Cells Dr Mirella Di Lorenzo
28 April 2016 Reactor development for water treatment: From macro to micro scale using bacterial cells, photocatalysis and enzymes Dr Emma Emanuelsson Patterson
12 April 2016 The Photochemistry of Rivers, Lakes and Engineered Low-Energy Treatment Systems Dr Jannis Wenk
17 March 2016 Heat recovery from sewer systems Professor Jan Hofman
8 March 2016 Assessing the element of surprise of record-breaking flood events - CANCELLED Dr Thomas Kjeldsen
2 March 2016 WISE CDT Industry Event Various
25 February 2016 Going down the drain - Engineered nanoparticles and the water cycle Patrick Bauerlein
09 February 2016 Understanding the impact of social norms on private behaviours: Examining on-campus shower use Elaine Gallagher
28 January 2016 Global Water Security: Pipe Dream or Reality? Michael Norton MBE
12 January 2016 How can developments in Water Accounting inform and reshape asset management practices in the UK water sector? Chrysola Papacharalampou
15 December 2015 Water reclamation in North Africa Dr Tom Arnot
17 November 2015 Blue water, green algae & dark threats - Acoustics outside the lab? Dr Philippe Blondel
20 October 2015 Four decades of coastline monitoring at Narrabeen Beach, Sydney, Australia Professor Ian Turner
23 September 2015 Water Innovation and Research Centre @ Bath: what, who, why, how? Professor Jan Hofman