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The History and Future of Research into Drinking Water Disinfection By-Products

Tom BondSpeaker

Dr Tom Bond, Imperial College London


Tuesday 8th November 2016, 13:15


Room 3.08, Building 9 West, University of Bath (Location and maps)


Part of ChemEng Department Seminar

The discovery, in the 1970s, that the trihalomethanes are generated from chlorination of natural organic matter during water treatment surprised the scientific community. Subsequently epidemiological studies have indicated consumption of chlorinated drinking water is associated with an enhanced risk of developing bladder cancer, although the underlying reason/s remain obscure. Meanwhile, deteriorating raw water quality, use of alternative disinfectants and more sophisticated analytical chemistry methods are resulting in the detection of an ever increasing number of disinfection byproducts. This seminar will discuss the historical background described above and suggest approaches to prioritise future research efforts.