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Innovation, Partnership and Environmental Technology



Professor Carolyn Roberts


Thursday 21st September 2017 at 1.15pm


Room 3.11, Building 1 West North, University of Bath (Location and maps)


Innovation comes in various forms, not all of which are useful in allowing society to address the increasingly complex environmental challenges of climate change, population pressure, biodiversity reductions and water availability. Using examples drawn particularly from the water sector, the talk will review the nature and scale of some potential and actual innovations, and consider the extent to which the future water sector can move alone.


As a water resource management specialist, Professor Roberts’ main interests lie in the minimising of direct environmental impacts of development activity on the water environment, for example in mining, waste disposal, construction or similar activities. She has a long history of engagement in hydrological consultancy work for public and private agencies in this area, but most of all she enjoys introducing people to applied hydrological problems such as human impacts on the water environment.  Her work creates powerful links between ‘real world problems’ and learning.   The strangest research can generate the most fascinating material for learning in this area, such as the tracking of the movement of corpses in rivers (for the police) and advising local government on flood management (after the UK’s 2007 inundations), which have both proved notably motivating issues. Professor Roberts is also fascinated by the institutional change process in higher education, especially in relation to sustainable development, and teaching and learning policies.