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Jul 17

Algae farms to offer a cheaper, renewable solution to cleaning wastewater

A collaborative research project between the University of Bath and Wessex Water is investigating using algae as a natural and sustainable way to treat wastewater.

Jul 17

International collaboration to address the challenge of poor drinking water in Mexico

People living in Mexico could soon benefit from a new international collaboration to secure clean drinking water in the country.

Jul 17

Cheap, sustainable water treatment

We are developing an efficient, portable system for poor rural communities in developing countries

Jul 17

University develops new cheap, sustainable water treatment devices for developing countries

A multi-disciplinary research project at the University of Bath hopes to develop an efficient, portable and low cost continuous treatment system for contaminated drinking water for poor rural communities in developing countries.

May 17

The Young Water Professionals movement comes to Bath

For someone at the start of their career in water, the University of Bath was the place to be in April as it hosted a total of 260 young water professionals across three events.

Apr 17

Bath hosts first ever UK Wetskills event

The University of Bath’s Water Innovation & Research Centre (WIRC @ Bath) is hosting the UK’s first Wetskills Water Challenge.

Jan 17

3D printing could transform future membrane technology

Researchers at the University of Bath suggest developments in 3D printing techniques could open the door to the advancement of membrane capabilities.

Oct 16

£1.83m grant for greener, cheaper fuels and chemicals

University of Bath scientists have been awarded £1.83m of funding to work with Brazilian colleagues on new, more cost-effective ways to produce fuels and chemicals from plant matter.

Oct 16

Innovative new research will help better our understanding of waves

An international research project led by the University of Bath is investigating the impact of waves on coastlines using novel laser measurement devices.

Jun 16

Bath to host international water conference

To celebrate the launch of its new Water Innovation & Research Centre (WIRC @ Bath), the University of Bath is hosting its first ever Water Science and Engineering Conference this July.