Complying with research data requirements

University Research Data Policy

The University of Bath has a Research Data Policy, setting out what the University expects and requires of its researchers, both staff and students, in terms of the management and sharing of research data. The policy is supported by guidance, which provides detail on what the policy means, how compliance can be achieved, and who to contact for advice on particular topics.

The policy was first approved by Senate in April 2014, having been endorsed by the University Research Committee, the Vice-Chancellor's Group and Executive Committee. It was developed by Library Research Services and involved a wide consultation process, with input from representatives of all groups on which the policy was expected to impact. Another round of consultation is currently underway, and a new version of the policy is expected in 2018.

The Library's Research Data Service is continuing to develop data management infrastructure to support the Research Data Policy.

The University also has a number of other policies relevant to research data management including:

National legislation

The main pieces of legislation in England and Wales that relate to research data are the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000. In addition, some European directives concerning environmental and geospatial data have been implemented in English and Welsh law as the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and the INSPIRE (Amendment) Regulations 2012 respectively.

Funder policies

Many funding bodies have policies on research data that expect data underpinning published research articles to be made as openly available as possible in a timely and responsible manner. The majority of these policies are broadly aligned with the Research Councils UK Common Principles on Data Policy (external website) which supports the principles in the Concordat on Open Research Data.

These policies tend to be aimed at researchers who receive funding. One exception is that of the EPSRC, which places many responsibilities on the researcher's institution. Much of the work done to support the University of Bath's Research Data Policy also contributed to implementing the University of Bath Roadmap for EPSRC, which was designed to ensure conformance with these expectations.

Journal policies

Some publishers or journals require that the data underlying a publication should be made available from an archive. Examples include PLOSNature and Nucleic Acids Research.

More information

For advice on compliance with University, funder, or journal policies on research data, please contact the Library's Research Data Service.