Data management plan reviews

You may find it helpful to ask someone else to review your data management plan before it's finalised.

A review can check that you've addressed all of the relevant issues and ensure that your plans are suitable for the type of data you'll be creating. A review can also confirm that your plans comply with policies and legislation relevant to your project.

Library review service

Once you have completed a draft data management plan, Library Research Services can review your plan prior to submission with grant applications.

It is recommended that at least three weeks are allowed for reviews, particularly for popular grant calls, but we will do our best to help if your deadline is sooner. Contact us at

Data management plan submission

If you are submitting a funding application and have completed an RS1 form, or have received funding for a new project, please submit your completed data management plans to

Understanding your plans for data management will help us to plan our infrastructure to meet your needs and will allow us to report on this aspect of policy compliance to funders.