Checking your data management plan

Once you have completed a draft data management plan, the Library Research Data Service can check your plan prior to the submission of your grant application. We can also check data management plans for newly funded projects.

Having your plan checked brings several benefits:

  • We can verify that you have covered all the points that your funder is looking for, and filled out the template correctly.
  • We can ensure your plans are suitable for the type of data you'll be creating and that you have addressed all the relevant issues.
  • We can confirm whether your plan aligns with the policies and legislation that apply to your project.
  • We can factor your data management needs into our plans for developing future service provision.

To use the service, please log into the Self Service Portal and follow the selection screens to 'Library', then 'Data management plan'. You will then be able to upload your plan and tell us some key things about it.

We recommend you allow at least three weeks for these checks, particularly if you are applying to a popular grant call, but we will do our best to help you in time for your application deadline.