Postgraduate data management plan template

Developed at the University of Bath specifically with postgraduates in mind, this template will help you to plan how you will look after your data throughout your PhD or Masters project. It was revised in 2017 to make it easier to complete, assess, and use in practice.

The template is available in Microsoft Word format, or as a LaTeX source file. It contains inline guidance and a selection of example answers, or parts of answers, that you can adapt for your own project.

The template can also be used within the DMPonline tool. By not selecting any funder or generic templates you will be presented with the postgraduate template by default.

If you need help completing your data management plan, you can attend a Doctoral Skills workshop on data management planning, which includes the development of a data management plan for your project.

We have also produced guidance on how to review data management plans that have been written using the template. This may be of interest to you as an author as well as to those assessing your plan.