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The University of Bath is home to a number of world-class facilities that can be hired or accessed on a consultancy basis - a cost-effective alternative to investment in expensive equipment.

Expert support will help make the most of your booking. Training can also be provided to run the equipment yourself - depending on the type of work and equipment involved.

We also have a wide range of smaller equipment. This is primarily aimed at specialist academic users, but we welcome queries from other organisations.

Research being conducted at University of Bath


Advanced transmission research facility

This test facility enables performance evaluation studies to be undertaken on a wide range of transmissions, including manual, automatic, auto-shift manual, and continuously/infinitely variable transmissions (CVTs/IVTs).

Building research park

An open-to-the-elements facility offering a platform for researchers and construction professionals from across the world to develop and to explore innovative building materials and constructive systems.

Chassis dynamometer vehicle test facility

Our state-of-the-art chassis dynamometer forms the hub of our vehicle research activities. The facility incorporates industry standard equipment operated according to robust experimental procedures.

Chemical characterisation and analysis facility

The chemical characterisation and analysis facility combines cutting-edge analytical equipment with extensive in-house expertise to provide a comprehensive chemical characterisation service for the commercial sector.

Control, simulation and rapid prototyping of engine/powertrain models

Researchers within the PVRC are experienced in the development of engine/powertrain models within the MATLAB/Simulink™ modelling environment and have access to a range of toolboxes.

Dynamic engine research cells

A flexible AC dynamometer facility for engine testing over realistic cycles. State-of-the-art control and data acquisition systems allow integrated control over engine, rig, and fuel injection system.

Emissions measurement facility

Our suite of three dynamic engine test cells is served by a central emissions measurement capability. Fast response instruments complement the industry standard tools.

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing clusters allows scientific researchers and engineers to solve large, advanced, complex computational problems which are too big for a single machine to compute.

Microscopy and analysis suite

We provide microscopy and analysis equipment and expertise to support research. A range of instruments are available including electron microscopes, confocal laser scanning, high content, raman and scanning probe microscopes and flow cytometers.

Nanofabrication facility

The Nanofabrication facility comprises a range of equipment for the fabrication of solid-state devices within a suite of cleanrooms of ISO Class 6. Photo- and nano- lithography is combined with etching and deposition to create devices such as Hall sensors or Light Emitting Diodes.