Scientists offer tips on pain and stress management in ‘The Waiting Room’

Researchers at Bath gear up to showcase their research at 'The Waiting Room' which opens in Bath this Saturday.

Researchers at Bath gear up to showcase their research at 'The Waiting Room' which opens in Bath this Saturday.

Psychologists and health researchers from the University will be on hand at a new interactive exhibition opening in Bath this week showcasing a range of research, covering stress and pain management, to memory and thought processes.

The exhibition, which is open to the public for one week from this Saturday, takes place at 44AD Art Gallery on 4 Abbey Street in the city.

Funded by the Public Engagement Unit, the project involves researchers from across our Departments of Psychology, Health, and Pharmacy & Pharmacology who have teamed up with local artists Katie O’Brien and Annabelle Barton to communicate their work in an engaging, accessible and stimulating way.

Helping to overcome public speaking demons and manage stress

Among a range of research projects on show, the public will get a chance to try their hand at tasks designed to induce stress in participants in order to test various stress management techniques. This includes a public speaking and maths test.

Researchers will be available to explain what happens and offer tips on coping with stressful situations.

The exhibition will also feature tests from our Centre for Pain Research, where academics are keen to understand more about people’s experiences of pain in order to help design better healthcare interventions.

The doctor will see you now

Dr Hannah Family, from our Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology whose own research looks at the mental workload of pharmacists, has been leading on ‘The Waiting Room’ exhibition.

She explains: “Across a range of disciplines, our researchers are involved in work designed to better understand a range of everyday healthcare challenges from stress management to pain management. These are issues affecting more and more people in society and we wanted to find a captivating way to explain to the public what we are doing and why.

’The Waiting Room’ will provide an opportunity to showcase this work to our local community in an engaging format, but will also interest individuals who have not come across our work before who we hope will be encouraged to get more involved.”

The researchers hope that by working with the 44AD associate artists on this project new future research ideas could be developed.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Jonathan Knight added: “Psychology and health research from the University is already making a big difference in a range of settings locally, nationally and internationally. We couldn’t achieve this impact without the involvement of a wide variety of individuals and organisations and it’s important that we share with the local community some of the excellent work afoot by Bath academics. I encourage everyone to take a trip to ‘The Waiting Room’ to find out more.”

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