Two Bath teams scoop prizes at start-up showcase

Two teams of researchers from University of Bath start-ups scooped prizes at the recent SETsquared Open Innovation Showcase in front of big name companies including Santander, Microsoft and GE Healthcare.

They were part of six teams representing University of Bath at the showcase organised by the SETsquared programme, a business incubation scheme run by the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey.

Thermally Stable Vaccines won 'biggest game changer'

As well as exhibiting, the start-ups had the chance to pitch for five minutes to over 200 registered delegates, explaining how their technology could feed into the corporates’ own product and services, increase their speed to market with new innovations or help streamline internal processes and systems.

Thermally Stable Vaccines won the ‘biggest game changer’ award for their work on a silica-based protective coating for vaccines.

Dr Asel Sartbaeva from the Department of Chemistry, who leads the team, said: “I was very excited to be one of the technologies who were chosen to pitch at the event. We had such a positive response across the board from businesses, academics, small companies and research council representatives. Many have asked us to update them in the future once we have intellectual property sorted.

“Winning the "biggest game changing technology" prize was very unexpected. I was very happy to see that my pitch was effective and really showed that our solution for cold chain problems for vaccines have been taken seriously by innovators, businesses and policy makers.”

‘Best pitch’ went to Green Running Ltd which provides a range of products to help monitor, analyse and manage energy consumption in your home, business and on the grid. The prize was collected by Imtiaz Chowdhury.

Other companies from the University included 3D Metal Printing Ltd, represented by Richie Gill, which relieves pain from knee arthritis and restores mobility with a cost-effective tailored precision treatment.

Jean Van Den Elsen presented Glycation Detection Technologies – which has developed a test for early diagnosis of diabetes complications and Alzheimer's disease.

Living Map, presented by Jake Ronay, a next-generation mapping platform that helps cities and venues monetise their data.

Chris Pudney represented QUBES – which has developed a biotechnology tool that detects protein stability and breakdown faster and more effectively than existing technologies.

The aim of the programme is to broker mutually beneficial partnerships, with the corporates finding new technologies and products while the start-ups get the chance to seal deals with business giants that they would never normally be able to access.

Ali Hadavizadeh, deputy head of enterprise at SETsquared’s innovation centre at the University of Bath, said: “The Open Innovation Showcase has always been a vital event for both corporates and start-ups, and this year was no different. We’re proud to have brought the cream of the crop of health, digital and mobile innovators to the showcase for 2016 and I have no doubts that the corporates who attending will be following up technologies worth adopting into their business.”

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