University to host international rugby conference

The University recently hosted the third annual conference of the World Rugby Science Network ‘#RSNlive17’, and you can catch up on the key outcomes here.

The international event was part of the network’s strategy to showcase leading research and examples of rugby research making an impact on the game, and was an initiative spearheaded by researchers in our Department for Health.

Speakers at the event shared current work across all of the World Rugby Science Network’s sections, focusing on topics such as biomechanics, coaching science, injury prevention, match analysis, nutrition, physiology & conditioning and psychology.

With sections looking at innovations in rugby training and current headlines from the world of rugby, the event was also an opportunity to highlight some of the recent rugby research successes from the Department. These included updates on our injury prevention programme for schoolboy rugby, which was trailed to media in May led by Professor Keith Stokes; and our ongoing biobanding research projects, led by Dr Sean Cumming; as well as our sports nutrition and biomechanics work.

Head of the Department for Health, Professor Stokes explained: "We hosted this conference for the third time to bring together researchers, practitioners and policy-makers in rugby. The live stream has been viewed in over 30 countries and so this meeting has made an important contribution to international efforts to improve safety and enhance performance in rugby at all levels of the game."

Catch up on the event now - watch a recording taken from the live stream:

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