Research & Innovation Services

Research strategy and committees

The University of Bath is a research intensive University, with our research internationally recognised. The University of Bath Research Strategy helps support this.

Research is guided by a suite of committees and groups who advise senior staff on specific areas of policy and strategy.

University Research Committee

The Research Committee is responsible to Senate for the development of strategies to assist the University in meeting its research objectives. See also:

University Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is responsible for advising Senate on the development, implementation and review of institutional procedures and guidelines relating to ethical issues arising from teaching, research and other related institutional activities. The role of the Ethics Committee is to be proactive in relation to emerging issues of institutional, national or international significance but will be reactive in relation to providing guidance for individual members of staff or Department/Schools. See also

Research Staff Working Group

This group reports to the University Research Committee and is responsible for the Code of Practice for the Employment of Research Staff

Research Students' Committee

The University Research Students Committee (URSC) oversees postgraduate research study provision offered by the University of Bath, from recruitment and admissions, through to supervision and support, skills development, liaison with Research Councils to final examination.