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Research Project Management Service

The following provides information on current and previous projects managed by the Research Project Management Service.

Current projects

ALAMSA - A Life-cycle Autonomous Modular System for Aircraft Material State Evaluation and Restoring System

This Framework 7 project brings together experts from across Europe to develop self-monitoring and self-healing composite materials for aircraft structures which can cope with impact damage.

Centre for Digital Entertainment (CDE)

A £6.3 million EPSRC funded centre between the University of Bath and Bournemouth, funding doctoral researchers in companies to work in animation, visualisation and graphics.

ECO-SEE - Eco-innovative, Safe and Energy Efficient wall panels and materials for a helathier indoor environment

This €9.4M project funded by FP7 and led by Bath brings together 18 partners from across Europe to develop innovative eco-materials designed to improve in the indoor environmental quality of energy efficient buildings.

Future Research Electronic Grants and Award Environment Programme

This internal project is looking at the current processes for managing out research grant applications and awards and in particular exploring options for process improvements including, where relevant, how activities might benefit from a move from paper based activities to an electronic equivalent.

HEMPSEC - Market Development of a bio-based pre-fabrictaed construction system which significantly reduced both embodied carbon and in-use energy consumption

A €2M project funded through the European Commission Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme and involving 6 partners across Europe.

Impact Acceleration Account (IAA)

The £1.4 million EPSRC funded IAA is a smaller, follow-on grant from the KTA which started on 1 October 2012 and runs for three years. The IAA will be funding projects which relate to an EPSRC grant, either during or within one year of completion, to stimulate pathways to impact and collaborative research & development projects.

Materials for Energy Efficiency in Transport (MEET)

A €5 million ERDF funded cross channel research consortium to focus on Materials for Energy Efficiency in Transport, known as MEET, from 2013-15.


Parrallel Sensing of Prostate Cancer Biomarkers, PROSENSE, is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) to meet the major challenges in the development of diagnostic tools for prostate cancer.

Research Equipment Sharing Project

An internal project to develop systems and mechanisms for enabling increased sharing of existing research equipment at the University.


Sewage profiling at the Community level, known as SEWPROF, is a research project funded by the European Commission, Marie Curie Actions, Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), and the Initial Training Network (ITN) to develop inter-disciplinary and cross-sectoral research capability for the next generation of scientists working in the newly-emerging field of sewage epidemiology. 

Real World

A £0.8 million project co-funded by the University's IAA and Jaguar Land Rover to respond to changes in vehicle type approval legislation which includes many aspects of real world performance.

Turbo 2

A £0.9 million project co-funded by HEIF Investment Fund (HIF), Jaguar Land Rover and Ford Motor Company. The project aims to consolidate and extend current Turbo Centre activity in order to improve the experimental and analytical tools used in the development of turbocharged engine installations.

Wessex Water: Holistic Apporach to Sustainable Water Supply 

A £1.7 million major interdisciplinary programme which is co-funded by Wessex Water and the University's IAA. This intergrated research programme focuses on: reedbeds and algae as sustainable water treatment processes; enhanced biogas generation from anaerobic digestion; asset reliability and security of supply; advanced analytical chemistry; and the development of innovative models to engage communities.

Previous projects

ABBSTRACT2 Consortium (Airbus, Bristol, Bath Strategic Research Alliance in Composites Technology)

A £1.4 million strategic alliance funded by the EPSRC, Airbus, and GKN Aerospace to develop new composite structures for the Airbus New Short Range (NSR) aircraft.

Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA)

A £3.4 million EPSRC funded account to maximise the impact of EPSRC funded research from 2009-12.

KT Equal (Knowledge Transfer for Extending Quality Life for older and disabled people)

A consortium of UK researchers dedicated to extending quality life for older and disabled people from 2009-13.

LIMA Business Technology Centre (Laboratory for Integrated Metrology Applications)

A centre of excellence for collaborative research and delivery of innovative metrology enabled applications.

LIMES.Net (Low Impact Materials and Engineering Solutions Network for the built environment)

An EPSRC funded network, led by the University of Bath, combining multi-disciplinary researchers and non-academic stakeholders for transformative research in low impact materials and technologies for the built environment from 2011-12.

Turbo Centre

A KTA and industry funded collaboration with Cummins Technologies, Ford Motor Company and Jaguar Land Rover, looking to increase efficiencies of turbo engine technologies from Sept 2011-Jan 2013.