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Planning for Impact Toolkit

This impact toolkit is designed to help you plan for impact and gather the information required to complete the Impact Summary and Pathways to Impact for grant applications to the Research Councils UK, which are also known as Expected Impact and Dissemination/Exploitation Plans in European grants.

After working through the steps outlined below, you should be able to identify:

  • who might benefit from your research
  • how they might benefit (both for the Impact Summary and the Expected Impact in European grants)
  • identified and accurately costed the activities to include in your Pathways to Impact (Dissemination/Exploitation Plans in European grants). 

Planning for Impact - An Introduction from University of Bath.


Step 1: Who could benefit from your research?

Step 2: How might they benefit?

Step 3.1: What can you do to involve and inform your beneficiaries?

Step 3.2: Activities

Step 4: How much will it cost?

Step 5: What to write?

Planning for Impact Template

Example Pathways to Impact

Useful Resources

Gathering Evidence