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What are the differences?

Your Academic Beneficiaries section should focus on academic beneficiaries whereas your Impact Summary and Pathways to Impact should focus on your non-academic beneficiaries.

Academic Beneficiaries

  • Focus on academic beneficiaries and what the impacts will be for them.
  • How will your proposed research contribute to knowledge both within the UK and internationally?
  • How will it benefit other researchers in your field and in other disciplines?
  • Maximum length = 4000 characters.
  • Non-technical language as it may appear in the public domain.

Impact Summary

  • Focus on non-academic beneficiaries.
  • Who might benefit from your research, both directly and indirectly?
  • How will they benefit from this research?
  • Maximum length = 4000 characters.
  • Use non-technical language as it may appear in the public domain.

Pathways to Impact

  • Focus on non-academic beneficiaries.
  • This is your plan of action: what you will do to engage beneficiaries with your project?
  • Describe what you will do throughout the research grant to ensure that potential beneficiaries have the opportunity to engage with your research.
  • Maximum length = two sides of A4 (but it is not expected that all applications will require this level of detail).
  • Not in the public domain.

Note: You can include academic beneficiaries in the Impact Summary and the activities you will use to engage with them in your Pathways to Impact if it forms part of the critical pathway to impact.