Research & Innovation Services

Understanding your beneficiaries

In order to prioritise your resources you need to understand the interests of your beneficiaries.

This information can be gathered from:

  • talking to your beneficiaries
  • attending professional conferences
  • reading professional journals
  • following individuals on social media.

Prioritising your beneficiaries

Influence Interest Matrix

To help you prioritise your beneficiaries the influence/power-interest matrix may help.For each beneficiary decide how interested they are in your research and the level of their influence/power. Then map them onto your grid.

According to the benficiaires position on your grid you can start to select the appropriate actions.

Top Right - Key Players (Primary)

  • Beneficiaries with the highest interest and influence in what you are doing.
  • Should be a key focus of your time and effort (and resources).
  • Manage closely.
  • Listen to them.

Top Left (Primary/Secondary)

  • Beneficiaries with high influence/power but less interest in what you are doing.
  • Keep satisfied.
  • Potentially problematic.

Bottom Right (Secondary)

  • Beneficiaries with high level of interest in what you are doing but relatively low power.
  • Keep informed.

Bottom Left (Tertiary)

  • Beneficiaries with low power/influence and low interest in what you are doing.
  • Minimal effort (and resources) required.


Note: All methods for prioritising beneficiaries only provide a snapshot in time as interest and influence may change. So remember to review these during your project.