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About KTA

Aims of the Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA)

The KTA is a £3.39m award from the EPSRC to the University of Bath for a three-year project which commenced on the 1st October 2009. The three aims of the project are:

  • To engender a KT and impact-driven culture amongst researchers

  • To increase the volume of EPSRC funded research adopted by external organisations

  • To capture and celebrate the impact of EPSRC funded research

The account is project-managed by Dr Denise Cooke, KTA Project Manager, RDSO. 

Contact Details:

Dr Denise Cooke, KTA Project Manager
Email: / Tel: +44 (0)1225 383622

KTA funding

The KTA has funding available for academic and research staff to build new relationships with external organisations. This funding is available via Departmental KT Champions and has a fast, simple application process. This funding is open to all disciplines. Further information is available on the KT Champion webpages.

The KTA had the following funding available (which has all been allocated):

Partnership Development Awards - match-funded by external organisations.

Fellowships - incoming and outgoing secondments.

Proof of Concept Awards – for developing technologies.

KT Mentors – external advisers.

This funding (excluding KT Champion funding) was awarded to EPSRC-funded researchers who could demonstrate that their research results would be adopted by an external organisation and thus had the potential for high impact.  Applicants approached the Project Manager and, if they met the criteria, were invited to pitch their ideas to the KTA Impact Assessment Group (IAG). If successful, they went on to develop a written application for funding. If the amount of funding requested was over £100k, the IAG could recommend that the application was referred to the KTA Project Board for comment and approval. Approved applications were sent an award letter and the KTA team provided assistance in setting up the project in a timely manner.

Projects funded

A wide range of projects have been funded. See our Projects pages for more details of the individual projects and, where appropriate, the outputs and outcomes that have been reported to date.

A wide range of activities have also been funded via the KT Champions, and details of these can be found on the KT Champion webpage.

How to engage with the KTA

Although nearing the end of the project, the KTA still offers:

  • Opportunities to build new relationships, using KT Champion funding.
  • A range of workshops to help develop skills and confidence in working with external organisations.
  • A KT Forum, which meets every semester. This Forum has representatives from departments across the University who meet to discuss issues related to knowledge exchange.
  • Departmental KT Champions, who can help you apply for KTA funding, or signpost you to alternative sources of funding.
  • Opportunities for showcasing your KTA project and research through the Knowledge Exchange Showcase, 27th September 2012, case studies and films.
  • A chance to win a prize by replying to the survey of attitudes to Knowledge Exchange, Sept–Dec 2012.

What is the Impact Assessment Group (IAG

IAG - VCsuite webpageThe Impact Assessment Group is a committee authorised by the Knowledge Transfer Account Project Board to make funding decisions on its behalf. It reviews the projects it has funded as they progress and when they complete. The IAG meets every month. Summary Notes of the IAG are released after every meeting. The IAG is chaired by Prof Jane Millar, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research.

Other members include:

  • Dr Jon Hunt – Head of Research &Collaboration (RDSO)
  • David Cockayne – Head of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (RDSO)
  • Suzanne Maxwell – Head of CPD Development & Support
  •  Prof Richard Elliott – Dean of the School of Management
  • Dr Miles Davis – KTP Programme Manger
  • Prof Julian Chaudhuri – Associate Dean of Research, Faculty of Engineering & Design
  • Dr Denise Cooke – KTA Project Manager (RDSO)

The IAG Secretary is Alice Ekrek – Research & Collaboration (RDSO)

What is the Knowledge Transfer Account Project Board (KTAB)

The Knowledge Transfer Account Board (KTA Board) is the regulating Board for the Knowledge Transfer Account fund at the University of Bath.

The KTA Board meets every 6 months and is chaired by Prof. Jane Millar, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research.

Other members include:

  • Dr Rob Head – Director of RDSO
  • Dr Jon Hunt – Head of Research & Collaboration (RDSO)
  • Dr Denise Cooke – KTA Project Manager (RDSO)
  • Diane Aderyn - Director of Finance
  • Prof Gary Hawley – Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Design
  • Prof Richard Elliott – Dean of the School of Management
  • Prof David Bird – Dean of the Faculty of Science
  • Dr John Hand  – EPSRC KTAs Project Manager
  • David Rogers – External Industrial Adviser
  •  Ian Dale Staples – External Industrial Adviser
  • Paul Holmes – External Industrial Adviser

The KTA Board Secretary is Alice Ekrek – Research & Collaboration (RDSO)