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CMOS imageBiocompatible CMOS Electrode Array

KTA Proof of Concept Award

Dept of Electronic & Electrical Engineering and Dept of Mechanical Engineering
Prof John Taylor and Dr Chris Bowen
The Project

A Proof of Concept project to enable the development of bridging the compatibility gap between standard silicon chips and biological applications, and to explore the most appropriate market opportunities. These include high content screening in drug development in the pharmaceutical industry, and biosensor applications. A Knowledge Transfer Mentor has been awarded to assist with the market analysis.  The KT Fellow Dr Tony Graham, who developed this technology during his PhD, will develop prototypes targeted at the chosen market(s), with the aim of securing investment to commercialise the technology.
Potential Benefits
  • Potential in commercialisation of technology
  • Innovation in low costing of corrosion resistant IC units
  • High content screening available
  • Disposable item
  • Targeting of neurological, muscular, degenerative and heart diseases
  • Low cost and more efficient drug delivery to the customer 
Project Team

Prof John Taylor - Principal Investigator

Dr Chris Bowen - Co-Investigator
Dr Tony Graham - KT Fellow