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Cryogenic Machining for Shoe Soles and Insoles

KTA Proof of Concept Award

Dept of Mechanical Engineering and Renishaw Ltd.
Prof Steve Newman 
The Project

A Proof of Concept Award to integrate a system for machining soft materials with Renishaw’s state of the art instrumentation. The aim is to produce a prototype system that is capable of producing personalised orthotic insoles and shoe soles on demand, in a short time period. This has potential health implications for sufferers of obesity or diabetes.
Potential Benefits

  • Development of an on-demand rapid customised product
  • Reduction in waiting time to receive product by the customer
  • On site manufacturing system
  • New sales opportunities in hospitals, clinics and specialist footwear retail outlets
  • Health and social impacts to the general population
KTA Team

Prof Steve Newman - Principal Investigator
Dr Vimal Dhokia - KT Fellow