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cancer cellEmbedding Innovations in Bioconjugation to Oncology Research

KTA Outgoing Knowledge Transfer Fellowship Award

Dept of Chemistry
Dr Chris Frost 
The Project

An outgoing KT Fellowship to embed developed techniques in bioconjugation that could lead to the faster development of new cancer drugs.  The impact could be to embed new ways of research thinking and new fields of activity, leading to smarter drug discovery and addressing the challenges of 21st Century healthcare.
Potential Benefits
  • Embed new ways of undertaking development of new medicines
  • Improve the rate of medicine approvals
  • Reduce high investment risks of late stage failure
  • Development and exploitation of smarter drug discovery
  • Extend the reach and potential of chemical biology research and development
  • Encourage industry adoption of research knowledge
  • Creation of chemical tools and methodologies to embed within industry
  • Social and economic impacts