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Aeroengine imageInduction Thermography for Inspection through Coatings

Partnership Development Award

Dept of Mechanical Engineering and Rolls Royce Plc.
Prof Darryl Almond
The Project

A Partnership Development Award has been awarded to develop the technology for the inspection of material damage in coated seal fins on gas turbine discs without the removal and reapplication of the coating.  This could in effect eliminate the requirement for seal fin coating removal, significant cost and maintenance savings and enable the use of abrasive coatings to be used on other Rolls Royce engine products for the aerospace industry.
Potential Benefits

  • Confirmation that induction thermography reliably detects cracks in coated seal fins on representative Rolls-Royce engine components
  • Design specifications for an induction thermography inspection system
  • Operation and training requirements for developed inspection system

Developing induction thermography with Rolls Royce - Aug 2011
Project Team

Prof Darryl Almond - Principal Investigator
Ben Weekes - KT Fellow
Rolls Royce Plc.