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ecohouseMarket Research for Centres of Excellence in Building Engineering Physics

KTA Partnership Development Award

Dept of Architecture and Civil Engineering and the Royal Academy of Engineering
Dr Paul McCombie 
The Project

A Partnership Development Award to develop a case for establishing Centres of Excellence in Building Engineering Physics.  The Royal Academy of Engineering will publish this case which they will use to influence policy in this area and secure investment.  The long term impact of this project could be the establishment of centres, which will produce research and train people in low carbon design, to meet the pressing needs of greenhouse gas reduction.
Potential Benefits

  • Reduction in costs, space, energy and resources in low carbon building design
  • Skilled UK professional workforce in Low Carbon building design
  • Potential to export knowledge and skill to other countries
  • Influencing policy decision making at government level
Project Team

Dr Paul McCombie - Principal Investigator
Prof Doug King - Co-Investigator
Prof Anil Markandya - Co-Investigator