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Mobile Science Education Adoption through Knowledge Transfer

KTA Proof of Concept Award

CREATE Laboratory, Department of Psychology, University of Bath and Sciencescope Ltd.
Prof Danaë Stanton-Fraser
“The goal of our research is to engage teachers in methodologies and technologies to enhance their science lessons. … Our ultimate goal is to inspire more young people to love science.”

Prof Danaë Stanton Fraser, Head of the CREATE laboratory, University of Bath


Teachers, educational researchers and policymakers recognise that many young people are becoming disengaged from science. This is impacting on student recruitment to undergraduate science programmes.  Part of the problem is that traditional science teaching can be very different to the immersive high-tech experience that many young people engage with in their everyday lives.


Danaë Stanton-Fraser and her researchers in the CREATE team worked together with ScienceScope:

  • To demonstrate to teachers practical approaches for incorporating mobile sensing technology in the curriculum.
  • To explore with teachers the challenges of doing so, and so moving towards finding effective solutions that bring the student closer to the experience of being a scientist.

Professor Rose Luckin mentored the team on how influence the national policy agenda on new technologies in science education, drawing upon the team’s research findings.

Benefits and outcomes

Project members ran workshops with teachers and technicians at 10 secondary schools and engaged with 52 trainee teachers. They identified five major challenges in incorporating mobile sensing technologies into classroom practice. This has prompted the project’s KT Fellow and the industrial partner to innovate in developing more flexible and user-friendly science learning and teaching technologies.

Close collaboration has prompted two schools to work on longer-term projects with the CREATE team, while others have reviewed their practice in the light of the project team’s suggestions.

Project members have demonstrated the use of technologies in schools at the government’s Department of Education and are now well placed to engage with relevant national initiatives.

Project team

Prof Danaë Stanton-Fraser, Principal Investigator, Department of Psychology
Dr Chris Bevan, KT Fellow, Department of Psychology
Professor Rose Luckin, KT Mentor, Institute of Education
David Crellin, Director of ScienceScope

Funded by the University of Bath’s EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Account