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carbon footprintRegenerative Oil Vapour Removal System using Ceramic Monolithic Structures

KTA Partnership Development Award

Dept of Chemical Engineering and Parker Domnick Hunter Ltd.
Prof Barry Crittenden and Dr Semali Perera
The Project

A Partnership Development Award to investigate lower carbon footprint technologies and to develop regenerative oil vapour recovery in compressed air systems using ceramic composite structured materials which can be used for the removal of pollutants or for the recovery and reuse of valuable materials.  The impact could be increased air quality, decreased energy demand and costs of product recovery.
Potential Benefits

  • Lower carbon footprint technology
  • Development of regenerative filters 
  • Responsive market conditions
  • Reduction in toxic emmissions
  • Removal of disposal of contaiminated filters
  • Greater efficiency in recycling organisc solvents
  • Reduction in energy use
  • Potential development of prototype unit