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Hybrid PowerSecond Generation Hybrid System Design for Reduced CO2

KTA Partnership Development Award

Dept of Mechanical Engineering and Ashwoods Automotive Ltd.
Dr Chris Brace, Dr Sam Akehurst and Prof Andrew Plummer
The Project

Partnership Development Award funding a jointly staffed, integrated project team based at Bath to redesign the second generation of Ashwood Automotive’s existing hybrid systems for diesel vans. The aim is to reduce the cost of the hybrid product so that it is suitable for the mass market and reduce carbon emissions. Building on our Bath's expertise in powertrain systems and CO2 reduction, this project aims to combine Bath's expertise with Ashwood's hybrid product and design expertise.
Potential Benefits

  • Better cost to performance ratio
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel costs 
  • Change to a positive societal acceptance of low carbon technologies
  • Allow the transfer of research derived knowledge into Industry
  • Demonstrate the University's reputation in a practical context
  • Business growth and wealth creation
  • Increased R&D activity and investment both in Industry and the University