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Smart Systems for Rehabilitation and Assisted Living

KTA Partnership Development Award

Dept for Health, Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME) and the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT)
Prof Christopher Eccleston 
The Project

A KTA Partnership Development Award is investigating the incorporation, development and commercialisation of the University's mobile assistive technology with BIME's smart home technology to support independent living in the home for individuals with long term conditions and chronic diseases.  The project brings together partners with academic expertise, a health and social care partner and industrial collaborations including Ivory Egg, a leading UK supplier of home automation products and ATCare, a leading assisted technology and assisted living technology transfer group.

Potential Benefits

  • Provision of support for rehabilitation of people with acquired brain injury/cognitive impairment
  • Potential development of SMART house technology with university mobile computer platforms
  • Empowerment of chronic pain patient to self manage
  • Estalishment of links with health and social care partners
  • Influence Dept of Health long term care policy
  • Develop agreed standards

Funded by the University of Bath’s EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Account.