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aircraft wingStrategic Initiative with Airbus to Accelerate Knowledge Transfer

KTA Partnership Development Award

Dept of Mechanical Engineering and Airbus
Prof Paul Maropoulos 
The Project

A Partnership Development Award to fund a KT Fellow who will play an active role in the development and implementation of Automated Metrology Networks for aircraft wing manufacture, transferring technologies and acclerating adoption.  The impact could be to develop the competitive advantage of Airbus in an increasingly complex market.
Potential Benefits

  • Developing a major contribution to the UK economy
  • Reduction in operational costs/Increase in higher production
  • Development of emerging production and material technologies
  • Increase in Automated Metrology Network expertise at the university
  • Development of best practice guides
Project Team

Prof Paul Maropoulos - Principal Investigator

Zhang Wang - KT Fellow 
Oliver Martin - MAA Coordinator