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Turbo chargerAir Charge Management Turbo Centre

KTA Partnership Development Award

Dept of Mechanical Engineering and Ford Ltd., Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. and Cummins Ltd.
Dr Chris Brace and Dr Sam Akehurst 


The Project

Partnership Development Award funding the transfer of applied knowledge on air charge management systems across a variety of sectors such as automotive, off-highway and commercial vehicles, and to refine and embed a set of tools designed to acclerate and improve the process of designing turbocharged engine systems.
Potential Benefits

  • Better cost to performance ratio
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel costs 
  • Change to a positive societal acceptance of low carbon technologies
  • Allow the transfer of research derived knowledge into Industry
  • Demonstrate the University's reputation in a practical context
  • Business growth and wealth creation
  • Increased R&D activity and investment both in Industry and the University