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UK Hydrogen Energy Programme

KTA Outgoing Knowledge Transfer Fellowship Award

Dept of Chemical Engineering
Dr Tim Mays 


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The Project

An outgoing KT Fellowship for Dr Tim Mays to capture evidence for the need and requirements of a UK Hydrogen Energy Programme through consulting with researchers, industry and other energy stakeholders. He will also be exploring barriers to exploitation of hydrogen energy. The Department of Energy and Climate Change and the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) are providing mentoring to Dr Mays to ensure the findings can influence energy policy.

Potential Benefits

  • Effectively communicate research into the potential of hydrogen energy to industry, policy makers and the public
  • Facilitate effective co-ordination, dissemination and impact of research
  • Inform and influence long term energy policy and regulatory framework
  • Boost investor confidence and reduce risk
  • Development of the university reputation in the area


Hydrogen – number one element, number one fuel - February 2011

Project Team

Dr Tim Mays - Principal Investigator and KT Fellow