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Glythera technology demonstrates improved anti-cancer activity

Glythera Ltd, a biotechnology company which spun out of the University with the support of Research and Innovation Services, has developed technology with enhanced anti-cancer activity.

The data, showing enhanced tumour cell kill activity for an anti-body drug conjugate (ADC) containing PermaLink conjugation, was presented by Glythera at the World ADC Summit, addressing many of the issues faced by current conjugation methods.

Glythera’s presentation follows the grant of a US Patent to the company that protects the PermaLink platform and adds to Glythera’s growing IP portfolio around this technology.

Dr Dave Simpson, CEO of Glythera, says: “Glythera is confident of becoming a major player in the field of antibody-drug conjugates, an emerging class of biotherapeutics with market expectations for blockbuster potential. We believe that our Permalink technology has the ideal attributes to become an important lynchpin in this growing field”.

Dr Jon Hunt, Research and Innovation Services Director, says: “I am delighted in this significant development of next generation biotherapeutics and for all involved”.

Glythera was initially founded in 2008 by Dr Andrew Watts and Dr Amanda Mackenzie, from the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology.

The findings continue to support Glythera’s development of enhanced ADCs in modern medicine and the oncological benefits to target specific molecules within the human body.

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